TucRail, railway engineering company, chooses Novapoint Railway

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La empresa TucRail en Bélgica ha firmado un contrato con Vianova Systems Benelux para la compra de 8 licencias de Novapoint Railway, el módulo de Vianova para proyecto y construcción de ferrocarriles.

TucRail es una empresa dependiente del ente público responsable de los ferrocarriles en Bélgica, el Chemins De Fer Belges (SNCB).

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Belgian TucRail goes for Novapoint Railway

TucRail, the Belgian rail engineering company, has signed a contract with Vianova Systems Benelux for the purchase of Novapoint Railway.

Novapoint Railway
, part of the most complete professional civil engineering and infrastructure design system portfolio in Europe, has been chosen by TucRail, subsidiary company of the Belgian Railway Company (NMBS/SNCB) specialised in rail engineering and project management.

The contract which comprises of engineering software as well as training and support, includes 8 Novapoint Railway licences to start with.

This is a major breakthrough for Novapoint Railway”, says Patrick Mc Gloin, director of customer affairs at Vianova Systems AS, the Norwegian mother company. “We are experiencing increased demand for our 22 different Novapoint engineering applications in all the countries we are dealing, but this is so far the second large success we have with our internationalized Novapoint Railway application in Europe. Earlier this year the Finnish railway company VR Track also chose Novapoint. The Belgian contract represents therefore a very important step forward for us.”

Novapoint Railway is a relatively new product on the international market. Vianova Systems chose only last year to commercialize and internationalize this successful Novapoint application, having been a Norwegian only application up to then. The Norwegian railway authorities have used Novapoint Railway for over 14 years!

We had some tough competition in Belgium”, says Benjamin Van Daele. “The reasons we won were due to our local expertise and the speed at which we could supply a localised solution, with support for local drawing standards and formats. Also the fact that the Norwegian Railway Administration has successfully been using Novapoint Railway for all its design for such a long time was important.

With this contract Vianova Systems is one more step closer to its vision of being the major European supplier of complete civil engineering software.


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