New Novapoint Virtual Map 6.0

Novapoint Virtual Map 6.0 is released with a lot of new functions and improvements. This version runs on AutoCAD platforms 2008/2009/2010 and Novapoint 17.20FP2F. This is the same version that follows Novapoint 18.00FP1. Download here a complete presentation of the 6.0 version or see release notes.

There is also a standalone version. Standalone version is meant to be used together with Novapoint 17.20FP2f or with plain AutoCAD installations. Older versions of Novapoint don’t support VM6 (module loader doesn’t recognize VM6 and loads VM5 instead).

This standalone version is same version that is integrated into Novapoint 18 installations.

If you have not tried Virtual Map before, download the program and choose a 14 day tryout license.


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