Opening Novapoint for the first time

The first time you open Novapoint on any computer you’ll notice that you won’t have any of the Novapoint Module toolbars or pull-down menus loaded. You will get a pull-down menu “Novapoint”

1. Double click the Novapoint desktop icon
2. Once AutoCAD has loaded, the Novapoint Project ID dialog will appear. Cancel this dialog box
3. From the Novapoint pull-down menu select Load Module
4. Load the modules Base and Road Professional

Explanation of the buttons:

Loads the selected module.

Unloads the selected module.

The license is available (in a network means that at least one license is available)

The license has been started.

No more licenses available for this module.

The menu and toolbar is loaded automatically on start-up of Novapoint, but the license will only be Loaded once a command has been selected.

The menu, toolbar and license is loaded automatically on start-up of Novapoint.

Used to cancel above two options (load menu with license and load menu only).



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