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Novapoint Virtual Map 6.0.1 standalone version and ActiveX Viewer

28 June, 2010

Standalone version is to be used together with Novapoint 17.20FP2f or with plain AutoCAD installations. Novapoint 18.00FP1c update will include this same version when released.

At same time 6.0.1 version of ActiveX Viewer has been released. The ActiveX version is installed / updated automatically when users go to a web page containing Virtual Map vmz model.

64bit version of Virtual Map 6.0.1 will be released after 64bit version of Novapoint license system libraries is available. Currently 64bit version is otherwise working well as standalone package and can be used with Virtual Map’s own local licensing system.


Novapoint 18.00 now supports AutoCAD 2011

2 June, 2010

Last wednesday 19th of may it was released FP1a of Novapoint 18.00. This version includes:

Updates in Novapoint Base
All versions
– Supporting AutoCAD 2011

Updates in Novapoint Railway
All versions
– Bugfix: Railway symbols – Correct switch is now inserted for switch 1:18,4 R=1200 Left.

Belgium version
– Bugfix: Excel Alignment Report (Ticket #505): Speed, cant and insufficient cant added to the tab RADIUS POINTS and CANT. They are also now diplayed without decimals.
– Bugfix: Alingments Points Acad Report Table (Ticket #506): Misc fixes.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer
-Bugfix: Wrong wallthikness returned from configuration for pipes with D > 800mm

– Stabilize: In some cases presenting existing objects in Vertical drawing caused error when closing/opening
– Stabilize: Narrowed vertical drawing GRID if large elevation interval is saved in model. E.g. if ”-999” is selected from DTM.
– Bugfix: Change connection type manhole to bend, or bend to manhole; wrong reference elevation was used.

– Bugfix Plan drawing: Pipes not drawn if they were shorter than half the length of the trench section. Trim of pipes to prevent overlap also caused the pipes not to be drawn.
– Bugfix Long Section: Crashed if object device was not defined in WS model.
– Bugfix Long Section: Now possible to present manhole with “negative” start station.
– Bugfix Draw 3D Solid: Crashed if connection was not defined in WS model.

– Fix: Cross section Calculation failed due to approximation of trench length.

– Fix: Cross section model for trench.