Novapoint 18.00 now supports AutoCAD 2011

Last wednesday 19th of may it was released FP1a of Novapoint 18.00. This version includes:

Updates in Novapoint Base
All versions
– Supporting AutoCAD 2011

Updates in Novapoint Railway
All versions
– Bugfix: Railway symbols – Correct switch is now inserted for switch 1:18,4 R=1200 Left.

Belgium version
– Bugfix: Excel Alignment Report (Ticket #505): Speed, cant and insufficient cant added to the tab RADIUS POINTS and CANT. They are also now diplayed without decimals.
– Bugfix: Alingments Points Acad Report Table (Ticket #506): Misc fixes.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer
-Bugfix: Wrong wallthikness returned from configuration for pipes with D > 800mm

– Stabilize: In some cases presenting existing objects in Vertical drawing caused error when closing/opening
– Stabilize: Narrowed vertical drawing GRID if large elevation interval is saved in model. E.g. if ”-999” is selected from DTM.
– Bugfix: Change connection type manhole to bend, or bend to manhole; wrong reference elevation was used.

– Bugfix Plan drawing: Pipes not drawn if they were shorter than half the length of the trench section. Trim of pipes to prevent overlap also caused the pipes not to be drawn.
– Bugfix Long Section: Crashed if object device was not defined in WS model.
– Bugfix Long Section: Now possible to present manhole with “negative” start station.
– Bugfix Draw 3D Solid: Crashed if connection was not defined in WS model.

– Fix: Cross section Calculation failed due to approximation of trench length.

– Fix: Cross section model for trench.


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