New Novapoint Virtual Map 6.0.2: enjoy the power of 64 bits

First 64bit Novapoint application is released; Novapoint Virtual Map 6.0.2 64bit standalone. At same time a new 32bit standalone version is released as well.

This version introduces two major new features:

– Native 64bit support, solving many memory usage problems with big models.

– LandXML import, allowing integration of surface and pipeline models from Novapoint, Civil3D, Microstation and other LandXML compatible design packages to Virtual Map models or just review LandXML files in 3d

Standalone version is meant to be used together with Novapoint 17.20FP2f or newer or with plain AutoCAD installations. Older versions of Novapoint don’t support VM6 (module loader doesn’t recognize VM6 and loads VM5 instead).

This version will be also released as part of Novapoint 18.10 installation package (32bit and 64bit). For Novapoint users it is recommended to wait for 18.10 releases to get integrated installation of Virtual Map.

Release notes can be found on


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