Download the FREE viewer of Novapoint DCM 19

Novapoint DCM Viewer

NovapointDCM Viewer is a FREE facility management tool for transparent collaboration on infrastructure Quadri-models.

The Novapoint Viewer is basically the same application as Novapoint Base, but the model is “Read Only” – i.e. it is not possible to create or edit information.

viewer0The Application is available from Vianova ID. Create one if you do not already have a Vianova ID account.

System requirements

The same requirements as the full version of NovapointDCM 19. The application does not require AutoCAD or any third party product installation.


There is currently no interface for changing the language of the application, but it can be changed by doing the following steps:

  1. Find the desktop icon, activate right-click menu, select “Properties”
  2. Target will display “C:\Program Files\Vianova\Novapoint Viewer\NovapointViewer.exe”
  3. Add -language:nor to the end of the string
  4. “C:\Program Files\Vianova\Novapoint Viewer\NovapointViewer.exe” -language:nor
  5. Press “Apply”

The following languages are supported:

  • no setting = english (default)
  • -language:nor = norwegian
  • -language:swe = swedish
  • -language:dan = danish
  • -language:fin = finnish
  • -language:fra = french (partly)

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