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Checking the visual impact of an Industrial Park

11 April, 2011

These models were created in the framework of a research carried out by EGICAD, department of the University of Cantabria Region in Spain for the years 2003 and 2004 with Novapoint Virtual Map. To build models Autodesk Land Desktop was used and to make the interactive 3D visualization the chosen software was Novapoint Virtual Map.

The purpose of the project was to create an industrial park in Gornazo (Miengo, Cantabria, Spain) near the service area of ​​the A-8 highway. For this study, we developed an interactive 3D model that includes the City of Miengo almost completely and was used to detect all possible views of the buildings of the park from anywhere, especially from different towns, from areas of high landscape value, as well as from the nearby highway.

The model was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solution to minimize its visual impact. The solution was a wooded area disposed between the road and the buildings of the estate.

In these studies a group of students were involved and were trained in the creation of models in AutoCAD and processing them using the Virtual Map Model Builder to create interactive models. This project involved the collaboration of Vianova Systems Spain SL which provided the software. As part of this research, the author participated in a seminar held in Vianova headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

Source: Reinaldo Togores,

Video no.1: Projected Industrial park

Video no.2: Area of the City of Miengo

Video no.3: Path made following the Highway, Industrial park is shown without vegetation barrier.

Video no.4: Same path as previous video but with a vegetation barrier between highway and park.


Download tutorials and design guides of Novapoint in spanish

6 May, 2010

This entry is in spanish, if you want to read it in english click here

Los tutoriales o guías de Novapoint del MDT (Modelo Digital del Terreno) y Road (trazado de carreteras) pueden descargarse desde dos direcciones de Google Docs:

Estos tutoriales ayudarán al usuario a iniciarse con el programa y también son específicos para el diseño avanzado.

Novapoint web demo videos

24 February, 2009

Vianova Spain has published demo videos of the Novapoint modules in some webs: in, in YouTube and Vimeo. Notice that some of them can be only in spanish.

Links to see them:

Novapoint in the University “Alfonso X el Sabio” of Madrid

9 April, 2008

News in spanish, to read it in english click here.

Vianova colabora en las clases de Diseño Avanzado de Trazado de Obras Lineales en la Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio durante este cuatrimestre formando a los alumnos en el uso de Novapoint para trazado de carreteras.

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